You’re Doing So Good!

Currently, over a million plastic beverage bottles are sold every minute worldwide, amassing a huge 525.6 billion bottles per year. While Cotton On Foundation is entirely dedicated to empowering youth through the delivery of quality educational projects, we recognise that one good thing shouldn’t come at the cost of another… our planet!

Enter, the new Cotton On Foundation aluminium water bottle!

You're Doing So Good Shop the bottle in store to support youth with access to a quality education

Get to know your new bottle

  • The new bottle is made from 70% recycled aluminium and is infinitely recyclable
  • With a 70% recycle rate, Australians recycle aluminium more than plastic, glass and cartons
  • 100% of the proceeds contribute to Cotton On Foundation’s global projects

Supporting quality education projects in:


South Africa



Find out more about how Cotton On Foundation is delivering on quality education.



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