Ntebbe Za Ddungu Outreach School

Today, Ntebbe Za Ddungu is bare, basic and in dire need of new facilities. The school currently consists of just a few classrooms, many with no walls or floors. Desks are only available to a few of the most senior students, and classroom resources and supplies are practically next to none.

Despite the circumstances, the school attracts hundreds of kids every single day who show up without fail. The energy and hope you can see in the student’s eyes as they pile into the few rooms available is profound.

Through your support, we can’t wait to build a brand new school, following the same infrastructure model as schools like Kasomolo and Kensekka. The school will boast 10 fully functioning classrooms, a brand new kitchen for school meals fueled by biogas, a water tank to provide clean drinking water, teacher accommodation, play facilities and more.

The new build will begin in June 2019 and once will complete, will become a key Outreach School in the area, bringing quality education to children who need it the most.


500 Educational places

10 classrooms

Outdoor Amphitheatre

Biogas toilets and kitchen

Teacher Accommodation

Rain water tanks for clean drinking water



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