Located in KwaMashu, Durban District

Located in KwaMashu township, Dr JL Dube High School is filled with promise — with strong leadership, motivated and passionate students, and a vision of a bright, hopeful future!

Unfortunately, the current facilities are overcrowded, rundown, and under resourced. Named after South African essayist John Langalibalele Dube, the school opened in 1979, and currently accommodates over 1,200 children in Grade 8 to 12.

Children in townships in South Africa face a range of barriers to accessing a quality education. As the situation currently stands:

  • South Africa has 33% youth unemployment rate
  • Two-thirds of people in long-term unemployment are youth (15-34 years old)
  • Only half the learners who enrolled in Grade 1 in 2007 made it to their university entrance exams in 2018
  • 18.5% of young girls are not attending schools due to family commitments, compared to 0.4% of young boys

With your support, we’re excited to partner with the community to renovate the facilities at Dr JL Dube High School. Plans for the school include implementing initiatives like our Quality Education Model, Pathways Program, Nutrition Mission and Feeding Program, to ensure young people in KwaMashu are afforded the best opportunities!

Estimated to be complete at the end of 2020, Dr JL Dube High School will also be the perfect pathway into secondary school for students down the road at Ethekwini Primary School.


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