Located in Mae Sot, Thailand

Bwe K’Lar Primary School is located in Mae Sot, Thailand along the Burmese border. The school itself is quite remote and currently accommodates 69 passionate students who, despite the rundown state of their classrooms, turn up-day-in-day-out to further their education. The Cotton On Foundation have committed to providing these children with everything they need to receive a quality education, including a brand new school for 200 students.

Our partnership with Bwe K’Lar began in 2016 when we identified this learning center in desperate need of a helping hand. The school principal is passionate about quality education and ensuring that his students have the best possible start to life. However, he¬†currently lacks the resources necessary to make this a reality. The school is located in a gully, surrounded by small hills covered in crops, rice fields and bamboo. The classrooms are hot and humid with limited air flow and when it rains the ground becomes instantly muddy with red clay. The students do not have any literacy materials in their native language and are often left without a teacher for the day. Almost half of the school population board on site, however, the dormitory accommodation is crowded and uncomfortable.

Our immediate response was to ensure that students were receiving healthy and nutritious meals at school, as they were previously missing lunch, often eating only plain rice for breakfast and dinner. We are now also ensuring that teachers are paid a full salary and feel empowered to deliver quality education every day! We are working with local architects to design the new school facilities that will accommodate up to 200 students from kindergarten right through to Grade 7 and once the build is complete, we will provide ongoing support to the school community.


Began partnership with Bwe K'Lar


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