Bunjakko Outreach Primary School

Located on the border of the Rakai and Lwengo district, Bunjakko is about 5kms from the closest trading centre, Makondo – that’s about as remote as it gets!

Although filled with smiling faces, Bunjakko is in desperate need of help. The classrooms are dilapidated, many having large craters in the floor. Since we partnered with the school last year, a feeding program has been put in place, and programs like the Quality Education Model and WASH are in full swing.

Through your support, we can’t wait to build a brand new school, following the same infrastructure model as schools like Kalyamenvu and Kyampalakata. The school will include 10 fully functioning classrooms, a brand new kitchen for school meals fueled by biogas, a water tank to provide clean drinking water, teacher accommodation, play facilities and more.

The build will begin in June 2019 and once complete, will become a key Outreach School in the area, bringing education to those children that live too far to travel to Namabaale.


500 Educational places

10 classrooms

Outdoor Amphitheatre

Biogas toilets and kitchen

Teacher Accommodation

Rain water tanks for clean drinking water

A playground and outdoor play areas


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