Our Story A quality education gives every child the potential to change their world - that's why we exist.

Through a unique partnership with customers and team members, the Cotton On Foundation is focused on empowering youth globally through the delivery of quality educational projects in Uganda, South Africa, Thailand and Australia.

Together, we believe we can help reduce poverty and improve the lives of those in need.

We partner with communities to provide long-term opportunities across education, health, sustainability and infrastructure.

Please read our 2020 field report.

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The Start In 2007, almost 120,000kms away from a remote village of Uganda, something life changing would take place in Geelong, Victoria.

Nigel Austin, owner of Cotton On Group is asked to make a donation to a healthcare centre in a small village called Mannya. Little did he know that this gesture would spark a series of events that would lead to the birth of the Cotton On Foundation.

Once the connection to the community and its people was made, Nigel and newly appointed Tim Diamond set to work. The task ahead was certainly a big one, the Rakai District where Mannya is located had been devastated by the HIV epidemic and the effects can still be seen today. The virus had almost wiped out an entire generation and created a wide variety of issues like famine, orphaned children and economic downfall, just to name a few.


seemed like a long term, sustainable approach

Central to our mission is the Quality Education Model, which uses eight fundamental elements that are key in delivering quality education on the ground.

Education seemed like a long term, sustainable approach to what the region was facing and engaging with the community would be key in making any real impact. Even though education would be the focus, we understood that we would need to look at the big picture and take a sustainable approach, so came to be our four pillars; education infrastructure, health and sustainability. These pillars would be pivotal in making lasting change in the communities we would operate in.

But… it is only because of incredible generosity of customers and the passion our team members that we are able to make a positive difference in people’s lives across the globe.

Cotton On Foundation Team

Our Pillars

Inspired and guided by the United Nations and their sustainable development goals, our projects are based on four pillars, which we operate within and measure ourselves against.

Boy writing in book


Creating further opportunities in life for children through education.

  • Teacher training
  • Student leadership and wellbeing
  • Literacy and numeracy programs
  • School leadership and management support
  • In line with our Quality Education Model
Doctor doing diabetes test


A healthy community means a better future for all.

  • Health centres in central villages
  • Targeting preventable diseases
  • Health education
Women sorting seeds


Transform our contribution into future benefit.

  • Community engagement
  • Adult literacy
  • Food security
  • School sustainability
Interior of school


Develop inspiring learning environments

  • Inspiring learning and play spaces
  • Teacher accommodation
  • Clean drinking water
  • Toilets
  • Hygienic cooking spaces

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