The Nutrition Mission is a program is designed to provide parents and caregivers with the knowledge and skills to adopt better nutrition practices for themselves, their families and the wider community.

Good food practices at home helps ensure students are healthy, attending school and getting the most out of their education.

In Busibo village, we spoke to Nutrition Mission Trainer in Southern Uganda, Julie. With a map showing the locations, classes and participants in her Nutrition Mission journey, Julie is a passionate young person with a big future ahead of her.

A well educated woman, Julie travels to various communities in Southern Uganda, sharing her knowledge around the importance of nutrition and healthy living.

“First you start with the heart and then you teach cooking.”

As a visual teacher, Julie uses a pyramid to show participants various aspects important for a healthy life. She knows that many of the Nutrition Mission participants are not able to read and write. 

Julie explained to us how she feels that her work is making an impact in the community. We gathered from the short time in meeting Julie that her work expands beyond her duties as a Nutrition Mission trainer, acting as a councilor and mentor for the participants.  One woman had been in a fight with her husband and was upset during class, so she removed her from class and calmed her down by talking through it.

Julie tells us, “You can’t cook or eat if you’re heartbroken.”




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