Just a few weeks ago, Cotton On Foundation had the opportunity to be part of the 2020 Girl Up Leadership Summit! Across three days, 125,000 participants from over 170 countries gathered online to learn, grow and talk about the big issues affecting women and girls globally. ⁣

While the Summit usually takes place in Washington, U.S., this year the Summit was entirely virtual, allowing them to reach an audience like never before!

We were so proud to watch our very own Clare Najjemba, Uganda Country Manager, take part in a panel on girls’ education, ‘Educate a Girl, Change the World’. Other panel members were Malala Fund Chief of Programmes Maliha Khan, and Tubi Retta, Deputy Director of the Girls Opportunity Alliance.

Clare joined Cotton On Foundation in 2012 as the Mannya Social Worker, and has held various positions over the years before her promotion to Uganda Country Manager earlier this year! She now oversees all Cotton On Foundation programs in Uganda, and supports their effective implementation.

Clare was in good company at the Summit, with plenty of other incredible speakers including the likes of Michelle Obama, Meghan Markle, Jameela Jamil and Hillary Clinton.

Watch Clare speak here:



“I wanted for people to know why girls even in this contemporary world still fail to attend school,” says Clare of her participation in the panel.

“To tickle those who can act to act now. To remind the world that it’s times like now where we all need to join hands and speak the same language of embracing girls’ education.”

Along with Clare’s panel, the below video was made available for all Summit attendees to watch:



Cotton On Foundation also had our own virtual booth in Girl Up Square, a virtual conference centre space where participants could come to learn about and interact with various purpose driven organisations and NGOs.



One of the elements of our booth was a virtual whiteboard, where Summit attendees could leave a message of support for the girls in our supported schools – the response was overwhelming! We received hundreds of beautiful messages, which will now be distributed to the students.

To catch up on all the action from the Summit, you can head to the Girl Up! Youtube channel, with the majority of sessions now online!

To discover more about how we support women and girls, click here.


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