A small school located on the border of the Rakai and Lwengo districts of Southern Uganda, filled with smiling faces of children who are full of hope. The sound of children playing can be heard from beyond the trees that line the school boundaries and the large tree that sits in the centre of the school acts as a central point where students, parents and teachers meet.

Despite the hope and happiness that fills the air, Bunjakko is in desperate need of help. The classrooms are dilapidated, many have large craters in the floor. Desks and school materials are scarce. The students do not have access to clean drinking water and there is no feeding program in place.

But with your help, it doesn’t have to be this way...

Once complete, the children at Bunjakko will be able to:

  • Learn in new and inspiring classrooms
  • Feel supported and safe with the help of trained teachers
  • Receive vital school materials and receive a quality education through our Quality Education Model
  • Drink 5L of clean drinking water per day
  • Eat two nutritious meals a day
  • Have access to health care so that they can remain happy and healthy at school

So how can you help?

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