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Education | 10 May 2016

A desk delivery for South Africa

Imagine sitting in an overcrowded classroom, or outdoors in the elements trying to concentrate on learning. It’s tricky to write down your lessons, due to lack of space, no writing tools, and only the ground to sit on. 

This is the reality for many primary school students across South Africa, who lack the tools required to help them reach their academic potential. In fact, over 95 million children in schools across sub-Saharan Africa have no access to classroom desks and face the prospect of compromised literacy development because of this lack of resources*. 

With statistics like this in mind, we work to empower youth across the globe and create positive life experiences through education. So, in order to help create better learning environments for students in South Africa, we’ve partnered with the Tutu Desk organisation to provide 5,047 school desks to primary aged children across the country!

Made from robust, lightweight, child-friendly materials, the Tutu Desks give children their very own portable workstation and are designed to last the duration of a learner’s school career. Beyond the obvious academic advantages of having a proper desk, the Tutu Desks also help children by encouraging a sense of worth, self-confidence and hope for the future. 

The desks will be handed out to excited students this week, and throughout the month of May. The allocation has been decided on a needs-basis, with desks being hand delivered to nine different primary schools across the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, along with primary schools on the Eastern Cape and KZN region.  

Thanks to the support of our teams and customers, we’re excited to be able to support such a life-changing, education-based project with the proceeds raised through the sale of our products in South Africa.


  3 - Fumisukoma Primary School Motherwell PE (2).JPG  10 - Mahlokomane Primary School (2).JPG   12 - Mahlokomane Primary School (3).JPG4 - Fumisukoma Primary School Motherwell PE (3).JPG   6 - Fumisukoma Primary School Motherwell PE (4).JPG11 - Mahlokomane Primary School (1).JPG  19 - Khulile Primary School Motherwell PE (3).JPG  9 - Khulile Primary School Motherwell PE (2).JPG


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